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German Shepherd Dog Association
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How long should the BSP be extended? (

7 deviants said 3 weeks
6 deviants said 1 month (4 weeks)
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Stiir has started a donation pool!
417 / 10,000

Donations are much appreciated! The points will be used mainly for sustaining my premium membership, but also as contest prizes, sponsoring other kennels and savings for making Schaeferhund-Verein a super group. Be aware, though, that just because you donated a lot of points, it doesn't mean I'm going to draw you anything.

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Thanks! ^^
Wed Jun 11, 2014, 10:28 PM
Awesome artwork!
Mon Jun 2, 2014, 1:06 PM
Your doggies are awesomeness
Mon Mar 17, 2014, 5:50 PM
Everyone loves ya!
Fri Jan 24, 2014, 8:34 PM
Aww thank you so much for the kind words :hug:
Mon Jan 20, 2014, 10:46 AM




Breedings, etc. are closed, probably won't be active again until november-december-ish or closer to 2015 or 2016. Renovating kennel.


Kennel Pro-Step focuses on breeding and showing top quality german shepherds and gordon setters. We have two main kennel facilities, where the main facility lies in Norway, and the secondary lies in Germany.

Pro-Step Norway lies in the south-east of Norway, and is the permanent home for our gordon setters and other gundogs. It is also the main headquarters of Pro-Step, so our dogs are more often than not located there. Especially in periods when we focus on showing in Sweden.

Pro-Step Nordblick lies in Germany. Our kennel facility in Germany is most often used as training or breeding grounds, and our german shepherds are always housed at Nordblick when they are at their heights in their working careers, or during the time the dogs would get breed surveyed before breeding.

Pro-Step Germany also houses the headquarters for the SV (Schaeferhund-Verein), while Pro-Step Norway houses the headquarters for the GDA (Gundog-Association).

Kennel Certificates And Licenses

TKC Contributor by StiirGDA Founder Badge by StiirBreeder Of Merit Badge 2 by StiirAssured Breeder Badge by StiirBreeder Of Merit Certificate Pro-Step by StiirRifle Dog Breeder's License by StiirNorthern Jaro Breeder's License by Stiir

Kennel Affiliates

Kennel Affiliates

Kennel Bastet
Premium Affiliate

Canidae Mayhem
Premium Affiliate

z Elitní Stráže
Premium Affiliate

Green Frost Kennels
Premium Affiliate

Tomages Kennel
Premium Affiliate

*TKC Staff
Eurico Ranch, Fenix Kennels, Skyfall Kennels
*TKC staff* Premium Affiliate

Affiliate's Requirements

Affiliates are kind of like "kennel friends". I will not sign up just anyone to be an affiliate. Usually, the affiliates are my friends here on dA who have active kennels. They will automatically be signed up as premium affiliates. Most of my adopted dogs will be from premium affiliated kennels.

Kennels who have adopted Pro-Step dogs, and regularly use them may ask to be signed up on the list, as well as the kennels who regularly comment and keep in touch and have similar breeding and kennel rules. The affiliates will be listed in alphabetical order by kennel name. Someone who asks to be an affiliate and gets accepted will usually be listed up as a regular affiliate.

There are two types of affiliates; regular and premium. Premium affiliates are the ones I list up myself, and have special reasons to be there. For example; the affiliate has done a great job being active with an adopted dog, and I know my dogs are going to a good home and being used, supported Pro-Step in one way or an other, or I have adopted multiple dogs from their kennel.
A regular affiliate is something almost everyone can become. It doesn't take much. It's enough that you take a part in my kennel activity by commenting regularly, have similar breed focus, and are an active member of TKC and/or in the GDA, so you can fully benefit off Pro-Step's features.

Affiliate Form
Kennel name:
Main account:
Kennel account:
If you have a kennel group/account or kennel website, please provide a link, otherwise just leave this blank.
Breed focus(es):
Affiliation rules:
link to your own affiliation rules
Breeding rules:
Reason for affiliation:
Answer these questions:
    1) Are you an active member of Kennel-Club and/or Gundog-Association and/or Schaeferhund-Verein?
      2) How many dogs have you adopted from Pro-Step? If none, what are you planning to get from us?
        3) If yes, have you shown or bred them? Would you say you have been actively doing so?

      Please do not ask to become an affiliate without ever having spoken to me, because that would kinda be like asking to be friends, or asking for free benefits.

      Affiliate's Rewards

      • *Last minute reservations in litters
      • Discounts on puppies, in some cases; even free puppies
      • Sometimes, litters will be open to affiliates only
      • *Prioritized applications for dogs and puppies
      • No breeding fees
      • *Breeding reservations do not get removed
      • *May co-own dogs
      • Advertised as an affiliate on my front page, breed focus included
      • An affiliate's dogs might get featured in art, this does not however mean that I will make all affiliates holiday or birthday gifts
      • Pro-Step is more likely to sponsor shows hosted by affiliates

      * = Premium affiliates only



      Gifts I have gotten on various occasions by awesome people! :D

      A New Year's Photo Op

      A New Year's Photo Op by Canidae-Mayhem
      Gosh! Look at all them doges! Thank you so much for including the lovely Gryffon in there! This is amazing! :D


      HAPPY LATE B-DAY STIIR! by DarkForestKennels
      Mwaha Leah looks mighty embarrassed with her family, poor thing. Karamelldansen - priceless! This is so adorable and awesome, thank you so much for this little gift!

      Happy brithday, Stiir!

      Ask looks so lovely in this one! There is so much adorableness in this as well! Thank you so much for this gift, it looks so wonderful!

      For Stiir

      For Stiir by VomStark
      Awww so adorable! You made Stegg look like a cute little puppy again! Thank you so much for this awesome gift! And thank you for all the kind words that came with it!

      Happy Birthday!

      Happy Birthday! by Canidae-Mayhem
      It's impossible to look at this and not go "awwwwww!". Just look at those big eyes and that waggy little tail! This is one big dose of pure Mudd-awesomeness! Thank you so much for this gift, I love it!

      Power Player

      Such a beautiful portrait of my handsome Stegg! I love it so much! You made him look so beautiful and the colors are so harmonious together. I love it, thank you so much!

      Pure Excellence

      Pure Excellence by Kique7
      A unique and stunning piece done by one of my best friends, Kique, of my personal kennel's favorite GSDs, Stegg and Leah! I really love this, and it means so much to me, especially when coming from such a great person as you! Thank you so much for a truly stunning birthday gift!

      Gift for Stiir

      Gift for Stiir by SkyfallKennels
      This is so awesome, I love the way you made my Heist look! Thank you so much!

      Hunting Decoy

      Hunting decoy by Kique7
      Such a beautiful picture of such beautiful dogs. A guardian with two bird hunters. I always get so happy whenever I see setters, and even more happy when I see Erga! Beautiful piece, I love it so much!

      Heist for Stiir

      Heist for Stiir by ForgottenAmnesty
      A wonderful artwork of Heist done by ForgottenAmnesty for the DARPG Kennel Art Exchange. Heist is a young dog full of spirit, and you depicted it perfectly! What might be the most unbelievable thing with this piece is that you drew it with a mouse. I know of no one else that could pull this off as excellently as you did with a mouse. Thank you so much, I really love this piece!

      Adder... Sit and Stay!

      Adder.. Sit and Stay! by Maranez
      A beautifully done piece of Adder by the outstanding Maranez helping me out to get the service dog certificate for him. I just love the realism in it, a beautiful piece I must say. Thank you so much for helping me out, and making this piece for me, I love it so much!

      Pro-Step's Muscle Package

      Pro-steps muscle package by Kique7
      A set of titling images for my dogs done by the one and only Kique7 for christmas! Thank you so much for making me these, it saves me for a lot of work, and I love how it looks so neatly blended together in Kique style. I haven't seen anyone else who can blend such sets of images together like you can!


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      SolinaBright Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
      Hey deary! :heart: Just want to let you know that you are super awesome. :hug:
      Stiir Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
      Aw :hug: same to you! I hope everything is going well with Athena by the way!
      SolinaBright Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
      I appreciate it deary. She is doing a bit better, but she still has some unusual growths. But we can't afford anything more right now, so at this point i hope they leave her alone. XD

      We should do something together in darpg sometime, ever since Nava passed away i've tried to draw the titles for argos and artorias but i just don't have the spark. i don't know how to find it. :faint:

      If you need anything, let me know. :heart:
      Stiir Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
      Awh, I am currently on hiatus when it comes to art, but I would love to collaborate on something again whenever I get back into drawing. <3
      larra1234567 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
      Can we be friends?
      larra1234567 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Student Artisan Crafter
      your drawings are amazing
      Stiir Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
      Thank you :)
      VomSobek Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
      Hey Stiir! I was wondering if you had a coloring/fur tutorial? I want a bigger variety of Gsd 'designs' around Kennel Sobek but absolutely suck at coloring. oue
      Stiir Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
      No, I don't, but maybe in the future. :) In the meantime, it helps a lot to look at pictures. 
      Disney-Ink Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
      Woah Stiir, Been a while since I seen your art. Forgot to watch you on here. ;)

      Old acc was Zevimaru haha. Always admired your stuff.
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